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Digital Pattern License

Patterns are all copyrighted by Quilts Complete and/or the designer of the pattern. Our official website is Please address any questions regarding copyright or report violations to [email protected]. We ask that all our designers keep the same set of Terms and Conditions so that there is no confusion.

LICENSEE - The licensee shall be a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL purchaser or their agent who is an actual person and not a corporate, business or organizational identity which would be comprised of multiple users. The patterns shall not be left on computers or systems that are in use by the public (e.g. where users rent machine time). Only the licensee is authorized to use purchased patterns.

NOTICE - Patterns may not be duplicated with or without modification and used for any other purposes than explicitly described below in the licensed terms of use. The copyright notice may not legally be removed from the pattern regardless of whether or not patterns are otherwise modified. Patterns may be modified by the licensee to suit their needs when quilting, but only for this purpose.

LICENSED TERMS OF USE - Patterns may be used to quilt an unlimited number of personal objects EXCLUSIVELY by the licensee or their agent. If used in quilts or quilted items for resale, display and/or contest purposes, a credit for the quilting design must be given to Quilts Complete or the pattern designer (on the documentation not necessarily the label) displayed with the quilt or quilted item and in documentation supplied to the organizers/sponsors of the display and/or to the purchaser. The licensee is encouraged to use patterns to quilt for others in a cottage industry style business which performs custom quilting. However, in no way may licensee advertise that the Patterns are "theirs". Licensee may use the patterns to operate up to three (3) individual robotic quilters regardless of the manufacturer (for example, 3 PC Quilters, OR 2 Statler Stitchers and a Compuquilter, etc.). The Licensee may not put patterns on a "machine for hire" or in any other place that would allow anyone but the LICENSEE access to said patterns. If licensee wishes to enter into the manufacture of goods using the enclosed patterns, they must consult with Quilts Complete regarding royalty fees. Licensee may use images of the patterns on their website or in other advertising material provided that credit for the designs are clearly given, to Quilts Complete and the pattern designer. Licensee may not display the images any larger than they are displayed on Please use the GIFS and JPGS as provided on the website, or that are enclosed with the pattern.

TRANSFER OF LICENSE - No transfer of license is possible unless the original licensee is deceased, or signs an affidavit confirming that they longer have any equipment that would allow them to use the patterns in question, and that they have/will not be purchasing any equipment that will allow them to use the patterns in the foreseeable future.

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