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Digital Download Instructions

Digital patterns may be downloaded directly from the website from the Order Status page. The Order Status link can be found at the bottom of each page. Use the Order Status link if you checked out as Guest.

Digital patterns can also be downloaded from your accounts Order History. Log on to the website with the email address that was used to purchase the patterns. From the home page click on the icon located at the upper right of the page. Enter your account login information and click the Login button.

After loggin in you will be directed to your Order History. Click on the Details button next to the compuerized pattern order.

The details for the order will now be shown along with download buttons next to each computerized pattern ordered. You will need to download each pattern individually by clicking on each Download button.

The following screen will differ depending on which browser you are using. If you are using Internet Explorer you will see something similar to the following. Click on the save button.

Again, what you will see next depends on the browser you are using. This screen is asking you where to save the downloaded file. Make sure you know where the file is being saved. In this example the file will be saved to the desktop. Click the Save button.

The image below shows that the download was successful and gives you the opportinity to open the file. The download file is a zip file that contains the pattern files. You will want to copy these files to your pattern directory.  Cick on the Open button.

The following image shows the files contained in the donwloaded file. The filenames will differ depending on the pattern you purchased. Just copy these files to your pattern directory and you should be ready to go. Please refer to Microsoft windows documentation or the documentation for your quilting machine for assistance on copying and opening pattern files.

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