Stars and Stripes - Digital


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This is a reflected two pass pattern ... the same row will be stitched twice. It will be necessary to MANUALLY set up the digital file to be a reflected two pass pattern. If you are NOT confident in working with a 2 pass pattern, DO NOT PURCHASE! There are no refunds. This digital pattern includes the following formats:
  • Statler Stitcher - .Qli file
  • Compuquilter - .CQP file
  • HandiQuilter - .HQF file
  • Inteliquilter - .IQP file
  • Qbot - .PLT file
  • Machine Quilting Robot - .MQR file
  • PC Quilter - .TXT file
  • ABM - .PAT file
  • Side Saddle - .SSD file
  • DXF - .DXF file

Converted by Digitech.

The digital pattern license can be found here

  • Designer:Patricia Ritter

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