Snowflakes and Ribbons - Digital


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PLEASE NOTE: This is a two pass pattern and will need to be flipped and or mirrored. This pattern does take experience on running two passes on your system. This digital pattern includes the following formats:
  • Statler Stitcher - .Qli file
  • Compuquilter - .CQP file
  • HandiQuilter - .HQF file
  • Inteliquilter - .IQP file
  • Qbot - .PLT file
  • Machine Quilting Robot - .MQR file
  • PC Quilter - .TXT file
  • ABM - .PAT file
  • Side Saddle - .SSD file
  • DXF - .DXF file

Converted by Digitech.

The digital pattern license can be found here

  • Designer:Patricia Ritter
  • Suggested Size:PLEASE NOTE: This is a two pass pattern. This pattern does take experience. You will need to flip or mirror.

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