Snazzy Snowflake - Paper -10.5"


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Snazzy Snowflake is a continuous line pattern that has one row 10.5" wide. This pattern comes with placement references. The paper width is 12" wide and the paper length is 12' long.
  • Designer:Jodi Beamish

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by on August 31, 2013

This is a beautiful pattern! But, I have struggled with it. While a row is 10.5", you will only advance 5-6 inches each turn. The interlocking on it is deep, probably why it is so pretty! The diamon'ish pattern on the snowflakes is small any my stitch regulator is not happy with that. The pattern is dense. It will take a fair amount of time to complete. All this said, it is still beautiful!

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by on January 16, 2016

This is a beautiful pattern. I really like the way it is layer out and that it is denser than most pantos. Easy to follow and comes out lovely.

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