Flirtatious - Paper -12"


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Flirtatious is an interlocking pattern that consist of one row 12" wide. This pattern comes with placement references. The paper width is 15" wide and the paper length is 12' long.
  • Designer:Irene Steele

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by on July 31, 2011

Very popular with my customers, they choose this instead of meandering and the effect is gorgeous!!

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by on August 13, 2010

This was a lot of fun and easy to do -- looked wonderful on my daughter's quilt.

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by on December 12, 2013

I use this very often. It is great on quilts when you don't want the quilting to fight with a panel.

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by on May 20, 2012

Absolutely perfect for my quilt with bright fabrics using vareigated thread. Fun and easy pantograph.

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by on January 23, 2016

would love to do it but is too wide for my machine. Any way to cut down the width of each pass.

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by on September 5, 2019

This is the best panto ever!!! It is my go to can be used in either gender. Nice flowing pattern and easy on the body.

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