Fall Splendor - Paper - 14"


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Fall Splendor is a continuous line pattern that consist of one row 14" wide. This pattern comes with corners. The paper width is 18" wide and the paper length is 12' feet. Placement references included
  • Designer:Judy Allen

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by on April 14, 2010

I had the same issue with the large gaps, HOWEVER, this pattern has been corrected and is now digitized as well. I called the company I purchased the panto from and they replaced it for me for no charge. It's beautiful now. My customers love this pattern and I would recommend it as long as you purchase the new digitized one.

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by on October 31, 2009

I put this design on a flannel quilt. It was the perfect design with pinecones and acorns- loved that. However, it is a very time consuming pattern to quilt- understandable. When you stitch your rows, no matter how close you put the next row to the previous row, there are rather large gaps where there is no quilting. Did not like this at all. The gaps were as big as my hand and didn't look good at all. With all the time put into quilting this design, it's no fun to go back and re-quilt all the empty spaces. I will probably not use this pattern again unless I add some sort of filler design to the pattern to quilt as I go.

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